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Sworn in the Metal Wind

Power Metallers do it with Elves!

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Power Metal Fans!!!
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Welcome, Power Metal Fans. This is a journal designed as a place where fans of neoclassical, progressive, and above all, POWER METAL, can come, discuss events, bands, albums, songs, etc. in this category. All are welcome, even if you aren't of the enlightened breed of human that knows the joy of thrashing about one's home to the sounds of Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian. Above all, there is one rule: Rock on. Have a good time.

this community used to be closed, but is now open! Hurrah! join!

Suggestions of things to post about:
--Upcoming power metal/true metal tours/events
--Reviews of the aforementioned that have passed
--News about bands, album releases, etc.
--Suggestions of new bands for us all to try out
--General musings on a song, album, band, lyric, or just the concept of metal in and of itself

Suggestions of thins to absolutely not post about:
--Your favourite KoRn album
--KoRn in general. This (for the most part) includes "Gee, don't you hate KoRn?". It's fine to express the opinion but we don't need whole posts about it
--An online quiz that has absolutely nothing to do with metal. If you post one at all, lj cut is nice.
--A big picture not under lj cut. All such posts will be deleted quite briskly.
--Your favourite non-power metal band. no matter how good they are, there's better places to do that.

Other things not to do:
--Say things that are racist, sexist, or homophobic. This will get you banned, and this is your warning.
--Say things that are idiotic (see above).
--Post your views on how great it is that Iced Earth are so pro-America. Or for that matter how shitty it is. The subject has been discussed already, no need to beat any dead horses.

Another thing. I thought it would go without saying but I guess I was wrong:

DON'T BE A DICK!!!!!!!

If you don't like the community you don't have to be here. Don't stir up drama, don't talk shit in other journals/communities for no good reason, and have a fucking sense of humour.


Linking to other people's journals who don't want you linking to them, or encouraging the spamming or harassing of other LJ users is absolutely against LJ rules. Next time it happens the perpetrater will be banned immediately. This is your warning.

That's all I can think of at the moment...

This journal was created and is maintained by thepieandi (formerly known as golbezjones). Co-Moderators are anowyn and joansies.

"The key to the realm of what we call Metal is--among other things--striving for inner pureness, a romantic (which means magical) beholding of life, balance and harmony within you (but even storming thoughts can generate new aspects of awakening and progression), the general insight and by that the understanding of the true nature of things, striving for trueness and honesty which lights up and embellishes one’s and others’ way of life. True Metal as music is Metal true in spirit, theory and practice. It shall not be measured by stylistic or instrumental values, but by the content! Creating art which is in such true balance with one’s personal ideology that it almost borders on madness. This is the only way. Total consistency, but also objective judgement."
~ Quoth Lost Horizon

Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood mod, thepieandi.

If you would like to advertise the community elsewhere on the internet, copy this code (and remove the astrisks):
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~powermetalheads/info"*><*img src="http://www.deanguitars.com/userpics/lib3/powermetal.gif" alt="POWER \m/ETAL!"*><*/a*>

Community band pimping section!

Die By Day (aceshigh206)

This Solemn Vow (japanfreak)

Zero Degrees Freedom and Nosce Teipsum (both mouazz)

Hundred Regiments (xtrustisyoursx)

Falls of Rauros (toolstylie)

Fingernails (thebard_657)

8 Weeks Dead (mariners_rime)

Phoenix Reign (jadedshock)

and of course,
Terrenon (thepieandi)

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